Monkeys, motorbikes and color: Hampi, India

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I didn’t know what to expect from Hampi. Well, to be more specific, Hampi and the surrounding area. Known as one of the best and most unique ruin and temple destinations in India, it certainly didn’t disappoint. Besides the Rome-esque feel to the many sights, such as Vitthala Temple and Virupashka Temple, these ruins are situated among some of the oldest rocks on earth.

Gokarna, India: relaxation epitomized

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After 30 hours on a train, Gokarna, India, was a well-needed respite. Although it is completely unlike all other parts of India I have experienced, as well as completely different from what I had expected from a beach town in India, it is in its own holiday-retreat way, charming. Comprised of three main beaches and two lesser developed beaches, Gokarna couldn’t possibly get any more peaceful.

All laughs: Skiing Teton Pass

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To me skiing is about sharing. It can be a cold, sun-baked crust kind of day, but if you are with good people that make you smile, make you laugh, help you recover from some unfortunate life event, then sign me up for all the shitty days.

But when there’s powder… life becomes glorious.

Chasing light on bikes in Moab

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When sitting on top of a line and the light is fading, I, the man with the camera, who also loves to shred, is faced with a dilemma: Let go of the artist’s eye and just let gravity take hold or ask to go first, post up on a cool corner and try to capture my buddies blasting through the best section of trail.

Capturing fall in Coyote Gulch

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Together the ribbons of water, the tarnish on the cliff and the colorful leaves of fall have all the elements of a dream photograph. But each time I return home and begin editing, my mind starts spinning and I think, “I could have done more. Maybe if I moved an inch to the left I could have made the composition more balanced… Moved back and given the tree more breathing room… Opened the shutter for another 2 seconds…”.