A woman watches a sunset from a suite at Hotel San Christobal in Todos Santos, Mexico.


I'm a huge fan of adventure. My dream weekend away is out on the road, exploring new places. That can be humping a backpack up the side of a mountain, or cruising backroads with my girlfriend and dog. So when Taxa Outdoors asked me to do a campaign shoot for their new Tiger Moth model, it was a dream job. Not only was it a perfect fit – seeing as I live the lifestyle – but I had actually been using a Taxa Cricket for the better part of a year.

Taxa knew I understood their brand, so besides working up a shotlist, going through props and activities, it was a pretty straight forward shoot for all involved.
Cooking made easy with the Taxa Tiger Moth trailer.
A woman enjoys the setting sun on the comfortable couches of San Christobal in Todo Santos, Mexico.
Tacos and a fresh daiquiri at Hotel San Christobal
Still, I wanted to make sure we got their brand on point and made sure we made it attractive to not just the overlander, but also the weekend family campers as well. I worked hard to make sure we captured kids having fun, dad cooking a nice meal, and the games, but also made sure we showed the habitat (trailer) in epic ways.

I personally love the way the shoot turned out. We woke up to fog on our two shoot days, but the way the light played give a real special and authentic feel. Anyone in eastern Texas can relate to days in the woods like these!