Using the SealLine Pro Duffel in all it's glory.


For over 30 years, SealLine has worked hard to make the best possible protective gear, keeping the elements at bay. So when they asked me to showcase a new Duffel Pro, I knew it would hold up to the abuses the Dirty Devil River would throw at it.
It's very important to me to work with like-minded brands, and in a project like this, a brand and product that I can trust. The focus for SealLine was their Duffel Pro, but we were going to be out for 12 days, so we needed enough bags to hold that much gear. SealLine never balked and sent us what we needed. That made my life a lot easier, and the crew all the more stoked! I worked with everyone to get solid action shots, as well as lifestyle shots, and really honed in on all of the unique features of the new bags.
We took these SealLine bags into the nothingess, and they survived.
These big 120L SeaLlLine bags carry everything and more.
Pete Thompson loading up the new SealLine Pro Duffel.
After 10 days on the water, I can definitely say,
I'm a fan of everything SealLine!!