Farm photography for Blundstone boots

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It’s taken me some time to realize the importance of community. Not just my extended photography community, but also the community in which I live. When I was asked to shoot a social campaign for Blundstone Boots, I was stumped at first because they were looking for farm photography and I mostly focus on adventure/lifestyle. But then I realized I had a community of sustainable farmers – many of whom I’ve shared a beer with – living right here in the Roaring Fork Valley. Within a few hours, I had put together a book and casting list and had it sitting in Blundstone’s inbox.

The importance of shooting for yourself while traveling

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Last winter I went on a journey that’s been on my list of to-dos for some time. I convinced Sarah Herron into joining me, despite her fears (the original plan was to sail from Panama to Columbia). This was going to be our first trip since we officially starting dating that didn’t involve some sort of sponsored aspect. I wanted to explore, just the two of us, with zero expectations from anyone, especially us! And just enjoy travel photography and the simple art of exploring!

IMPERMANENCE III — A transformative desert nude series

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I’ve been coming to the desert for my whole life. People have all kinds of reactions when they step foot into a deep canyon or stand on the edge of a 300-foot cliff. At first they are intrigued, looking around, agape by the beauty, and then it hits them, and they pull back, suddenly afraid of how small and impermanent they feel. But slowly they work out of the shock, realize what’s around them, see the beauty, and understand the power of this landscape and their existence. (NSFW — Contains Nudity)

IMPERMANENCE II — A performing-art desert nude series

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For Impermanence II, my collaborator was Katie Alderson –– a performing artist who I’d seen perform at a couple local events. She was petit, pretty and had a confident edge to her. I had seen some of her movements onstage and after a few conversations, knew that she would bring a dimension to the series that I hadn’t anticipated originally. (NSFW – Contains Nudity)