Why do I shoot alone?

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I recently had one of my all-time best days of shooting. And of course, I was alone. I endured freezing rain, massive, powerful gusts of wind and shivered until the night turned to light. If this sounds torturous… well, that’s because to some degree it was. But at the same time it was invigorating, it was exciting and when the darkest midnight hues warmed to light, baby blue, it can be more than worth it.

Chasing light on bikes in Moab

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When sitting on top of a line and the light is fading, I, the man with the camera, who also loves to shred, is faced with a dilemma: Let go of the artist’s eye and just let gravity take hold or ask to go first, post up on a cool corner and try to capture my buddies blasting through the best section of trail.