A woman casts for Bone Fish in the Bahamas off Andros Island


Reel Bragging Rights is a show produced by Outdoor Media and is broadcasted on the Sportsman Network. Now, I don't have a ton of experience shooting and filming fishing, but I do understand the culture, how it's done and of course, what a good shot looks like. So when host Jim Root approached me to shoot a few episodes, I couldn't help but smile, especially after he listed a few of his choice locations to fish: Alaska, Bahamas, New Orleans, Montana, etc.

The first episode I filmed was in upstate New York on Salmon River in the dead of winter. We waded through frozen reeds, landed monster fish, and tried not to go for a swim (minus the people who lost the bet). See, the show is about a little friendly competition, and each episode starts with the wager. In the case of the Salmon River Run episode, the losers had to take a Polar Plunge. Take a look below... it's quite the ride!
The next location I shot and directed for Reel Bragging Rights was with Matt Rissell in the turquoise waters of Andros Island, Bahamas. Quite the difference from the frigid temps of New York. We went out everyday on two boats, put the drones up, and went in search of the world famous Bone Fish. Now, the wager wasn't quite as exhilarating as New York, but the scenery, trash talking and fish were very much up to par. Check out the videos (it was broken into two episodes):
Be sure to follow along with Reel Bragging Rights for more epic fishing adventures!