A couple filter water in a mountain stream.


Platypus is known in the outdoor world for their water bladders. I can personally attest to having had at least 3 in my lifetime, including bike backpacks to backpacking inserts. So when Platypus asked me to create content for their new 6.0L Gravity Filter, I knew I understood their ethos and could execute properly.
I wanted to make sure this shoot felt genuine, while also making it feel heroic. Platypus wanted it to feel high alpine, and epic, so we decided the best place to shoot would be in my backyard mountains of western Colorado. We scoped a few high-alpine lake locations, and ultimately settled on a location that could accommodate 7 people easily, while also giving us those big mountains and epic views Platypus was looking for. .
A couple walk along a a lake in the rocky mountains
A man filters water in a backcountry campPeople play cards near a high alpine lake in the Colorado Rockies.
The purpose of the Platypus 6.0L Gravity Filter is to provide enough potable water for a large group – ideally 4 - 6 people – filtering while the group goes about their routine and day-to-day camping activities. So, our concept was simple: get up with first light, shoot the “dirty water” bag being filled, hang with the filter, and capture people being active in the background.
I’m thrilled by the campaign, and how it all came together. And truth be told, I was very impressed by the functionality and size of the gravity filter. We used the water all throughout the day on the shoot, and between sets. It was a breeze to setup, use, and ultimately, to shoot.
To check out the product, and campaign shots in use, please visit platy.com.