Farm photography featuring Blundstone Boots


Established in Tasmania in 1870, Blundstone has taken the world with their rugged good looks and easy functionality. Stylish, yet practical, these boots meet the needs of explorers, farmers and city dwellers alike.

Working with Blundstone USA, I had the honor to work with real-world sustainable farmers to showcase their latest workboot, which features a steel toe and solid construction. It sports the same classic design lines, while incorporating top safety measures for any hardworking individual.

This campaign was shot in my hometown, Carbondale, and features Erin Cusio, owner of Erin’s Acres Farms, and her boyfriend Jose Miranda, a local rancher who raises water buffalo.
Erin Cuseo in Blundstone Boots in Carbondale, Colorado
Classic Land Rover and Blundstone Boots
Classic Land Rover in Blundstone Boots photoshoot
I focused on the natural feel of the boots, not overly stylizing or directing. I wanted to create an authentic campaign, showcasing what it means to be a sustainable farmer, working from sun-up to sun-down. I’m proud to part of this campaign, as I believe greatly in the small-farm movement of this country.

Cheers Blundstone for showing your support too!
Bareback riding in Carbondale, Colorado
Farm photography for Blundstone Boots
Erin Cuseo wearing Blundstone Boots in a greenhouse
Land Rover and Blundstone Boots
Drone shot of Mount Sopris, Colorado