The ebb and flow of the perfect photograph, with Dylan H. Brown

I've always been rather pragmatic, so photography for me has been just a tool. A tool that I had a natural knack for. Black and white film just clicked with me. And from there, I just continued shooting. If I could paint, I probably would be a painter, but I use the tools that I can, and a camera has given me the freedom to express so much to the world that I otherwise wouldn't be able to.”


Dylan H. Brown stumbled into his art. Thank goodness—his photos are ridiculous.

It was an accident, really. He never thought that snapping photos could be a job, much less a career. But Dylan H. Brown figured that figuring out photography beat grinding out a desk job. At 30 years old, Brown now specializes in capturing striking landscapes and our movement within them, as well as a foray into combining wilderness and fine art. It’s safe to say that, yeah, he’s figured it out.”


The First SUP Descent of Utah’s Escalante River

“This May, five adventurers pushed off below the bridge at Highway 12 in southern Utah to navigate a 100-mile stand-up paddleboard first descent on the Escalante River, which drains into Lake Powell. The gorge reached heights of more than 1,000 feet and greeted the crew with boulder-strewn whitewater."


Top photographers on Photoshelter

“As a photographer who specializes in adventure lifestyle, I live my specialty. Creative directors look to my personal experience for realistic scenes and scenarios, as well as unique locations. I’m an attentive director/photographer, who loves the pre-production creative process.”