A Ford Ranger with a Taxa Outdoors habitat during sunset.


Ford has been ubiquitous with automobiles. Starting at the turn of the century, Ford has been a staple in the automotive world, constantly innovating, updating and staying ahead of the curve. This is no exception with the Ford Ranger. Equipped with the best-in-class towing capacity, comfortable seats, standard safety features, and a look to turn heads, I was thrilled when ask to document the new Ford Ranger Lariat in Rapid Red being used in the wild.
Ford is known to be tough – it’s their brand mission statement. They’re known as America’s truck. So I wanted to be sure to capture that, while also showing it in some of America’s beautiful country. I started out by towing a Taxa Outdoors Cricket over 5,000 miles, crossing mountain passes, romping down dirt roads and on the occasion, locking the factory equipped rear hub. We also equipped the Ranger with a Yakima rack setup, so we could strap on our paddleboards, raft frame and anything else our outdoor lifestyle would need.
A couple walk along a a lake in the rocky mountains
A man filters water in a backcountry campPeople play cards near a high alpine lake in the Colorado Rockies.People play cards near a high alpine lake in the Colorado Rockies.
The Ranger has proven to be more than capable and it excelled in so many ways that photographing has been incredibly fun. The places I’ve taken it, and the miles I’ve driven is a testament to Ford’s innovative spirit. It seriously drives like a sedan on pavement and a side-by-side once the wheels hit dirt.
For more information on the Ford Ranger, please visit their website. Customize it your way and live life to the fullest!